“Chimubabe” (Official Music Video)


Award winning singer SALMA SKY and SKY MUSIC GROUP premiers “CHIMUBABE”
A song/video which empowers young females with an anthem that speaks against young women being taken advantage of by older men.
A thought provoking, trendy, yet conscious song.
A club banger.

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8 Responses

  1. Katendi says:

    You keep raising the bar honey!i love it and I'm so proud of you.Naine nakana well done!

    Tivo as always beasting!Love the quality!

  2. Manuel Ryan says:

    Salma you're just simply awesome I love you so much!!! Great video!!!

  3. Vincent says:

    Great video awesome song!

  4. di princeluv says:

    Well done salma sky,the message is loud nd clear.nice work mi love it.


    Wow, i am loving yo video you really rocked it.

  6. dopezilla kupe says:

    That song z a hit kip it up

  7. n songs says:

    Very nice article thanks for sharing.

  8. MilezyChemsin says:

    u guys u doing amazing works eish..

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