My Little Ballerina

My Little Ballerina

We talk a lot, you and I, but I thought to preserve and share this one talk because one day I know it will be important to reflect on.
I have found higher purpose as a human being knowing that you are now the precious little girl that God has entrusted to me to nurture and groom into a great woman of substance. I remember the day my heart leapt for joy when the doctor assured me you were coming. Your father and I have waited for you, we prayed you into existence when we first spoke your name well before we even had children together and now we will have you in our arms in a matter of weeks. I have endured much as a girl, young woman, mother and wife and the road, as you will learn someday, isn’t always smooth because life will have you pirouetting more than you may like to now, (it’s not quite the fun you’re having in my tummy) but if you are well centred, seek wisdom and stay true to who you are destined to be in God’s infinite will for your life, they will be rewarding twists and turns.

Grandma is an amazing woman. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She taught your aunt and I so much about life as a woman without saying much. Her actions proved to us that there was no need for words just fine examples of what it means to be strong and fearless. I love her and appreciate her more everyday because I’m still watching her teach me how to be a good mother to my children but especially to my daughter.
Mummy recorded a song long before you made your way into our lives; to help little girls realise how precious they are and remind them to stand up for themselves against ugly stuff. Little did she know that what was just a song to help give these girls a better chance than I got and to be protected more than I was, turned into something so powerful and personal when I realised this journey was for you and I. You have made this message matter more to me and like all my children you’ve changed me because through that realisation and passion to secure your future, the beginning of something amazing is about to happen and it is my utmost desire that you arrive all safe and healthy, wrapped in a big pink bow, to be a part of it.
I love you.

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