Salma Sky Partners With UNICEF and Media 365

UNICEF Zambia #Imagine Music Video
As 2015 came to a very strong conscious close with many movements for social and economic change being highlighted, I was honored to work with Media 365 and partners to execute a UNICEF initiative through song that is being carried out in all countries with UNICEF presence.
“Imagine” allowed every representation of a Zambian from every walk of life to speak or sing their imagination of a better Zambia in our rendition of John Lennons original. Instead of dwelling on our differences, it offered an opportunity to allow us to appreciate our similarities. We love our country and I’m sure that is the very thing that every participant of this project felt was enough to hold hands for.
The unity this project has brought is evident through this visual and vocal production. Needless to say, it is part and parcel of the beginning of the Zambia we all Imagine.

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